The “EVM Sarkaar”

Dear Friends,

The outcome of the recent Parliamentary elections has shocked the entire nation !

Every Vote for Modi !

We always believed that EVMs were tampered with and manipulated on a massive scale and our belief is strongly substantiated by the numbers now.

The website of the Election Commission (EC) shows that the “votes counted” do not match with “votes polled”, in most of the 48 constituencies in Maharashtra. It did not match in 203 assembly constituencies of Madhya Pradesh also. Similar reports have appeared for 373 Constituencies across the country.

This is enough to prove that EVMs were manipulated and it is therefore very clear that the results cannot be believed in or accepted, as the elections have clearly been stolen!

Many well researched reports have appeared both in the print & social media on the matter of the glaring discrepancies in the votes in the various constituencies. We have all witnessed the malfunctioning of EVMs and looked on bewildered at the suspicious movements of thousands of EVMs, moving in private vehicles without official security. These EVMs were even found in hotel rooms & autorickshaws. The RTI filed on 20 lakh Missing EVMs has yet to receive a satisfactory reply from the EC. The EC has failed to reveal data on the GPS tracking system on the EVMs.

People now know about the Vote Chori Machine

The fact that the EVM Micro-Controller is not merely OTP-One Time Programmable Type, but the Micro-controller used is a Microchip, is a matter of grave concern. They contain three kinds of memories including `FLASH’ memory that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed, which allegedly makes it open to manipulating data. Here too the EC is in denial.

Right from the first phase of polling, almost the entire media was reporting that the NDA was going to suffer a minimum loss of 140 seats. More than 50% of the population that is dependent on agriculture was extremely disappointed and angry with the Modi Govt due to the worsening agrarian crisis and rising rate of suicides. The issues of Demonetization, which itself was the biggest organised scam ever, the extremely anarchic implementation of the GST, rising unemployment, the Rafale scam, the falling GDP, were among the many key issues against the government. The BJP resorted to communal mobilization by resorting to the Ram Mandir & the NRC issues during the course of the state elections in MP, Rajasthan & Chattisgarh – & yet they failed. So the major question is – where did all the anger and discontent disappear?

EVM Arthi

Then very conveniently for Modi, the Pulwama terror attack & the supposed Balakot strike helped Modi gain a sense of momentum by resorting to muscular ultra-nationalism. Yet the electoral numbers do not add up & it’s here that the EVMs come into play, now also referred to as ELECTRONIC VOTE MANAGEMENT!

Moreover why is there a complete “Sannata”, a “Silence” across the country, even though Modi returned to power by securing over 45% votes for the NDA?? Why aren’t the citizens happy &  jubilant?? This shows that the people are stunned and in a state of utter disbelief. They just did not expect such a landslide victory for the BJP ! To express this sentiment of shock we call this government as the – ” EVM-SARKAAR”.

We have all seen the biased approach of the Election Commission (EC) during the entire two month long campaign. We are all aware that like all the other institutions of our parliamentary democracy, the EC too has been compromised.

Also very interestingly when the EC was asked to go ahead with the Ballot Papers, the excuse they gave was very weak and beyond ridiculous.
The EC had given an extremely absurd reason on 19th January 2019. The EC stated, “We do not have sufficient time to go for the paper ballot”.
For 60 years, the EC used to print ballot papers AFTER the scrutiny and withdrawal of nomination forms.
The election was supposed to be held in April and May, but the EC said it did not have time to opt for ballot papers. That is truly unbelievable, even by the low standards of the current EC. 

Amit Shah boasts of making BJP the biggest political party in the world with a membership of over 7 Crore active members. He talks about having 25 youth per booth and an incharge for every page of the voter list. But then, why is the biggest political party in the world scared of conducting elections by Ballot Paper??
The only answer is that it is far easier to mass manipulate EVMs, than to manipulate the masses. They know that they cannot confidently win an election conducted under transparent, free and fair conditions.

We thus go to the People’s Court now ! The Andolan is ON !

Shahir Sandesh Gaikwad sings against the EVM Sarkar !