On this page we provide a growing list of links to significant documents and other reference material that can be of use in the EVM Virodhi Andolan.
This material has been produced over the years by several National Institutions, Organisations as also individual Researchers, Reporters, Investigators, Technical Experts and other vigilant members of society who are relentlessly working to expose the threat and danger that the EVM poses to India’s democracy.

General Documents, Investigative reports and Research material :

  1. Analysis of India’s Electronic Voting Machines
    This is the website hosting the seminal work done by Shri Hari Prasad and his colleagues since the year 2010, exposing the vulnerabilities of India’s EVMs.
  2. Dr. Ramesh Bellamkonda’s Website
    This website hosts documents related to activist Dr. Bellamkonda’s investigative work on exposing how the Election Commission is actually disobeying the orders of the Supreme Court by subterfuge.
  3. Dr. Anupam Saraf’s analysis of how only a few EVM’s need to be tampered with in a constituency to change the outcome of the election. He also explains how Aadhar is a dangerous tool in the hand of the govt. if it wants to manage the voter lists in its favour.  
  4. Letter by Retired IAS officers and other eminnent persons to the Election Commission protesting against the irregularites in the 2019 General Elections
    Download the PDF file of the letter protesting against the irregularities in the 2019 General Elections.
  5. Letter written by the Additional Chief Electoral Officer of Maharashtra State to the Election Commission of India (ECI) requesting action on demands for conducting  the ensuing Vidhan Sabha elections by ballot paper.
  6. Details of the RTI investigation that revealed the fact of lakhs of  missing EVMs 
  7. Reports of Security Breaches of EVM Strongrooms
  8. Former President Pranab Mukherji’s statement expressing concern about allegations of EVM tampering
  9. The crucial 2013 Supreme Court judgment, on Subramaniam Swami’s petition, making the VVPAT mandatory for every EVM machine.
  10. The order of the Supreme Court, on BAMCEF contempt petition against the ECI for not implementing its 2013 judgment.

Crucial Election Commission of India (ECI) publications : 

  1. Handbook for Presiding Officers, October 2018  ( EnglishHindi )
  2. Handbook for Returning Officer, February 2019  ( EnglishHindi )
  3. All other ECI handbooks can be downloaded from here
  4. MODEL CODE OF CONDUCT for Guidance of Political Parties and Candidates 
  5. FAQ about the EVM
  6. The EVM complete information page at the ECI webstie.
  7. Guidelines for storing EVMs       Reports of  violations and EC responses


  1. Commission’s Omissions :  How the Election Commission lied in affidavit before SC in VVPAT case filed by opposition parties ! (detailed investigative article by the Caravan Magazine)

  2. The Quint Magazine expose on how the ECI hid the fact of employing private consultants in checking EVMs and VVPAT machines.

  3. Why EC Owes an Answer to the Country Over ‘Phantom Votes’
    ( A critical analysis of vote count discrepancies showing how more than 50 Lakh counted votes are in excess of polled votes ! ) 

  4. RTI exposes lies of Election Commission that EVMs use One Time Programmable (OTP) chips only. 
    ( EVMS AND VVPATS: Micro Controller used is not OTP type as claimed by the Election Commission. BEL and ECIL refuse to reveal software audit reports citing National Securty and Commercial Confidence reasons ! ) 
    Another article on the same topic by The Wire 

Andolan handouts

  1. The 9th August EVM Bharat Chodo event intimation pamphlet in Marathi

  2. EVM, निवडणुका, निवडणूक आयोग आणि सत्य –  A marathi language opinion piece by Prof. Dhananjay Shinde in the Andolan magazine dated August 2019.
  3. मतदान यंत्र , निवडणुका , निवडणूक आयोग, व सत्य – An opinion piece by Prof. Dhananjay Shinde in the MPCC mouthpiece magazine “जनमानसाची शिदोरी” dated Sept. 2019